Our Services


 Creative Color 
& Trendy Tones 


Color $70+
   w/ haircut & blow dry $100+

Full Foil $125+

Partial Foil $100+

Halo Highlights (10 foil max) $50

Bleach & Tone $85+

Glossing or Color Refresh
   w/ color $20+

    stand alone service $55+

Toner or Base Breaking
   w/ color $20+


 I Need A Haircut!!! 

Beautiful Ladies $30+ 
w/ style $50+

Handsome Men $22+

Crazy Kids $20 
(12 & Under)


Just Bangs $7

All cuts include a shampoo.

Long hair extra.


 Style It &

Be Fancy 


Blow-dry style $28

Blowout long hair $40+
   w/ flat iron $15+

Special Occasion Updo $75+

Braiding by Design $40+


 Textured Hair, 
Curl it, Smooth It 


Permanent Wave $95

Specialty Perm Wraps by Design $125+

Smoothing Treatment
   Keratin or Amino Acids $200+

Color Seal, Mini Keratin
   w/ color $25+
   Stand alone service $65+


 Healthy Hair Supplements 


Masque Conditioning Treatment $20+

Clarifying Treatment $20+

Vitaplex Conditioning (protect & build) $35+
    w/ color $20

Protein booster (amino acid) $10
    w/ color or permanent wave $5

*blow dry not included


 Specialty Colors 

 ....By Design 


Balayage, Ombre, Color Melding,
Multi Dimensional, Fantasy Colors
& Color Correction, Etc...


Priced upon consultation.


 Add Some 

 Length & Volume 

Aqua Hair Extensions

100% Human Hair

Wide selection of colors & trendy tones

Lengths up to 22”

Priced upon consultation. 

Deposit required in advance.


 Waxing & Tinting


Full Face $30

Eyebrows, Lip or Chin $15

Arms $25

Nose $10

Eyebrow & Lash Tinting $20


 *Length and density of hair may increase service cost due to amount of product usage and time. 


Cancellation Policy: Due to last-minute cancellations and no-show clients, we are going to be instating new policies regarding these situations. We will now be requiring a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel an appointment. We are more than understanding that sometimes, things just come up and you need to reschedule! We will always do our best to accommodate your needs. Same-day cancellation or no-shows will incur a 50% charge of your scheduled service fee before rebooking another appointment. Those who repeat last-minute cancellations will only be able to book a same-day appointment if spots are available. If no spots are available that day, we will add you to a cancellation list and call you when a spot opens!